Couples photography in Gamla Stan I love photoshooting in Gamla Stan.  This area, the heart of Stockholm city, is so rich in history, atmosphere, beauty, color and romance. It was a pleasure to photograph this sweet trio in one of my favorite areas of the city.

Amy was one of the first woman I heard from after putting some calls out for participation in my nascent photo series- 360 DAYS WOMEN. I was looking forward not only to begin photographing women here in Stockholm for the series but specifically to meet her. When I found out she is vegan, IContinue Reading

Sofie was one of the first women I photographed in Stockholm.  We decided to shoot along the woodsy coastline near where I currently live, a waxing moon looming beautiful behind her in a clear boundless sky. This shoot is memorable for Sofie’s beauty but also because it was after thisContinue Reading