Candid & Heartfelt Family Focus!

My style of photographing is, has always been and will continue to be very candid as well as preferably a bit active and definitely heartfelt!!  I love to meet up with a family for a photosession and simply capture them engaging with one another, perhaps in one of their favorite spots or exploring a new area.  I have never been a photographer who enjoys setting up carefully posed photos (though yes I can appreciate them) so my clients tend to be drawn to what I describe as my energetic and relaxed style of family photography.

This style seems to particularly work when young children are in the mix! So when my cousin asked me to do some family photos last Autumn that she would then be gifting to her own parents for Christmas I was so honored and happy as well as excited! That she has two young, super active children made the photosession even more fun & heartwarming as we all cooperated to get playful, lively, candid moments captured on camera in a lovely area of Stockholm city ❤️📷