Bare Reality + Breastfeeding♥

Post nursing relax 💙 Breastfeeding my son began so quickly & naturally after his birth that I’m sure I expected the exact same ease with my daughter. She took to nursing immediately after birth but had a shallow & super quick latch so the first days required some adjustment, nipple TLC & lots of hand expressing!! But we got it worked out & are in the breastfeeding groove. Was a great reminder to me to cultivate & recall humility – that you might find challenges where you previously had none. Mothers Milk ❤

“Instead of asking her, ‘Is your baby sleeping through the night?’ TRY ‘Is your baby breastfeeding through the night?”

I recently saw this brilliant quote on the site of a breastfeeding advocate & lactation consultant  & thought- what a meaningful twist to an age old question usually asked with good intentions but missing the big point of the more sleepless nights of early motherhood.

I had some of the routinely best nights of sleep of my life when my son was an infant- he slept wonderfully through the night waking a few times to feed.  My daughter is more of a night owl but thankfully does sleep through much of the night too with regular nursing sessions.  I love the practical, protective & emotional bond that breastfeeding creates.

My daughter & I photographed by my husband at home today.

I took all of 60 seconds or less to get ready for these last two photos, throwing my hair up and dabbing on some clear lip balm. When I looked at the photos he took, I said ‘Oh no, look at the hair fly aways etc! Let’s do a redo!’ He did snap some more photos but also said ‘What? I think you look beautiful!’ Definitely spend time with people who make you feel good & less critical of yourself.  Also, most important was capturing these mama & babe moments- not quite a month old yet!

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