Cloth Diaper Retrospect

When I was pregnant with my son in 2013 I recall getting turned on to the benefits of cloth diapering by the wonderful gals who owned a baby goods shop, cafe & new parent resource center in Manoa Valley, Oahu where we lived at the time. I remember being so excited, first and foremost, about the sustainability as well as comfort aspect. When I pitched it to my husband, he did the math and figured that we definitely would not be spending more by using cloth as opposed to disposables and that we might even save money. His calculation even included the cost of using a local cloth diaper cleaning service!

Dolphin Diaper Service is an Oahu based, family owned cloth diapering service that was absolutely genius for our experience of cloth. If you are considering cloth but worried about the cleaning and you are fortunate to have a diaper service in your neighborhood I say support them (they are often small, family run businesses) and go for it.  It is game changing. We met with Dolphin Diaper and were set up with a big bag of clean inserts and given a great intro on how to maintain over the week.  Once a week we left the dirty inserts in a white trash bag by our door and they were replaced with a bag of freshly cleaned ones.

I loved experiencing cloth diapers for our son.  We did use disposables sometimes on the go, but cloth was our primary use.  I didn’t realize just how much I missed cloth diapers until I recently reposted a cloth diaper awareness photo by a friend of mine, who is an EC (Elimination Communication) & cloth diaper advocate, about the cost & extraordinary waste of disposables.  The more I thought about it & chatted with other moms, the more I realized how greatly I missed the cloth diaper experience.

Pregnant with my daughter here in the Stockholm region, I had done research to find cloth diaper cleaning services & hadn’t found any.  Out of convenience (honestly, a mix of fast practicality & laziness) we have gone the disposable route. She is now 5 months old & I am thrilled that we are finding our way back to cloth.  I look forward to sharing more about our experience here.

Thank you Dolphin Diaper for an incredible service & experience back in the day when we lived on Oahu!  Mahalo for all you do.

Below: photos of my son in his various cloth diapers in 2013/2014

Early days…

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