Tvåbarnsmamma: On-the-go featuring ‘Carena Smögen’

As a ‘tvåbarnsmamma’ (mother of two kids), I was really on a search earlier this year for a durable quality stroller that could comfortably fit my baby daughter & now almost 5 year old son.

In collaboration with, my family & I have been testing out the Carena Smögen syskonvagn & I am happy to share what a good fit it has been for our lifestyle & children’s needs!

Both of my young children are very active but also enjoy stroller time for naps or simply relaxing when we are out & about.  The Carena Smögen has turned out to be a very good fit, especially now that we have transitioned to living in a smaller city. In all honesty, this might not be the optimal stroller if you spend a lot of time getting on & off buses but most of my commuting time now is by foot & it works great for that lifestyle. 

 My only critique is that it would be great to have somewhere to store a small bag of groceries but honestly, not having the storage space also spares me from loading up when I go out!  I now save shopping trips for the weekend & if I am pushing both kids just carry a small backpack for items I might need to pick up. City living!

People have also commented on how attractive & stylish the  lateral design is. I agree!

Before using this stroller , we actually were using another brands double stroller which had been a very disappointing experience, leading us to look for another one. The Carena Smögen is a wonderful option & also great for budget!

1st stroll in the Carena Smögen in early Autumn this year. 

My daughter & son in the Carena Smögen. My son is just almost 5 years old but very tall for his age!  He still routinely naps in a stroller when we go out, hence why we were so determined to find a double stroller that worked for us. 

Heading out for adventure!

And featuring…my husband & kids!!  There’s my rock & my children’s Papa bear, pushing the stroller while our son has decided to get out for a run.  

Also from my son is wearing the Kuling Hafjell jacket in Happy Yellow & the Kuling Northpole Fleece in marine blue. 

P.S.  if you are wondering what those layers are under the baby seat, we just have the hood to the back seat temporarily folded up there. 

Here’s to wonderful strolling moments & adventures!

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