Maria Nila

As part of a beauty shoot earlier this year I chatted with 100% vegan haircare company Maria Nila whose quality (and wonderful smelling) products were also featured at the shoot.

Was Maria Nila always vegan?  If not, when did the shift occur?

Maria Nila: Since 2013 we have produced 100% vegan products. The shift occurred when we decided to more focus on sustainability and since we control our own production it was a natural step for us. We saw that the industry needed to be changed and we wanted to set a good example that it is possible to be beautiful and friendly to our world at the same time.

You collaborate with some incredible partners including Zeromission, Plan Vivo & Taking Root. What can you share with your consumer’s about your company’s dedication to supporting reforesting efforts?

Maria Nila: We want to work towards erasing our carbon footprint and focus more on a sustainable production. Every day we think about what we can do better to positively impact the world. We do so by supporting different animal- and environmental organizations working every day for a better world. It is important for us to give back to the world when we can.

What does  climate compensated packaging entail?

Maria Nila: It means that we climate compensate for the Co2 emissions caused by packaging production. So every year we match up our carbon footprint by planting trees in South America.

What is it like working at Maria Nila?

Maria Nila: To be a part of a company that truly values charity, family and innovation is something wonderful to be a part of. Those three values is also the core of our culture at the company. We are an including company, taking care of each other and inspire each other to be better.

What is your outlook on the development of vegan beauty brands worldwide in the next 10 years?

Maria Nila: We see a “green wave” that is growing stronger and can be seen in many companies in Sweden, more or less. Consumers are becoming more aware of the relationship between how we live, eat and behave and how it affects our planet. We hope that this insight will become even bigger and that more beauty companies will adopt “the green mindset” so that animal and nature life is not damaged by our own vanity.


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