2020 Autumn Sessions

Photosession bookings in Sweden

As we enjoy these last few weeks of Summer 2020 (warm and a bit stormy in our neck of the woods!) I am preparing to launch services for family photosessions. 

When I first started working as a photographer in Germany in 2010, I was doing quite a bit of family photography and absolutely loved it.  Autumn was a particularly busy time and I truly thrilled to capture so many beautiful family memories in cityscapes and nature.

My photography business has been registered in Sweden since early 2016.  I have been busy with media projects and motherhood but am very excited to begin offering family, couples and children photosessions again.

My style is natural, relaxed and candid.  I am not the photographer you come to if you want that perfect studio photo of everyone smiling and posing just right.  I am the photographer you come to if you want a bit of adventure wrapped into your family photosession- a relaxed yet energetic mood. A photoshoot as well as an experience. 

Stay tuned as I will also be partnering with smartphoto.se for a unique code for clients to use to order prodcuts.  I have spent so many moments of my life thumbing through family photo albums, carefully compiled books of memories from my infancy and beyond.  These photos and albums are, for me, the ultimate treasure.  Analog memories.  Tangible. Precious.  I deeeply value the prospect of encouraging clients to also order prints to experience and share that experience. 

Serving as your photographer is an important mission for me.  It is all about the memories.  The moment.  

I look forward to meeting you if you would like to trust me with the mission of photographing your family. 


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