Annika Lundkvist, Photographer & Writer 
My love for photography began in 2000 when I was living in Seattle, where I focused my lens on architecture & city spaces. I  was in my early 20’s at the time and continued to be primarily focused on these themes through travels & many moves over the following years.
In 2011 I began photographing professionally, accepting my first job in the field (product photography) in Bavaria, Germany. I also became very active with portrait work, preferring a natural, candid & often energetic approach to my photo sessions.  
My food coverage (with a focus on plant based & vegan) began while living in Hawai’i in 2014 & led to numerous publications over the following years as I combined my passion for writing with food photography.
In my two primary crafts of photography & writing, I am a devoted generalist with a commitment to providing quality coverage for a wide range of clients in various contexts & environments. 
I currently live in the Stockholm region of Sweden with my husband & son.

Place Photography in Bavaria

Product photography in Bavaria

Food Photography in Hawai’i

Filming a food photography segment in Stockholm for House Hunters International

Architectural & Place Photography in Bavaria & Salzburg


Style Photography in Bavaria


Architectural & Place Photography in Porto & Lisbon


Style Photography in Berlin & Salzburg

Architectural & Place Photography in Budapest


Style Photography in Hawai’i


Food Photography in New York City

Style Photography in Bavaria

Food Photography in Hawai’i

Style photography in Hawai’i


Food Photography in Hawai’i & New York City

Style Photography in Stockholm

Architectural Photography in New York City

Architectural & Place Photography in Hawai’i

Style Photography in Berlin & Bavaria


Place Photography in Lisbon

Environmental Portrait in Tromsø


Architectural & Place Photography in Stockholm

Tattoo Calendar Photography in Bavaria

Product Photography in Bavaria

Dance photography in Bavaria

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