Dishes from brand collaboration with Swedish soy company Yi-Pin Soya, Recipes + food photography Above: My creamy mushroom spinach pasta topped with Yi-Pin Soya ‘Vegopytt’ Above & Below: My ‘Tofu Caprese’ with Yi-Pin Soya Extra Firm Tofu Baked Tofu with Garlic Kale & Buttery Mashed Potatoes

I love tacos so this Summer it was really fun to get into a ritualof weekly vegan taco nights, usually for ‘Taco Tuesday’ or ‘Taco Thursday.’ I enjoy making this spread for my family but know it is also the perfect feast with guests as it’s fun to prepare, shareContinue Reading

Summer Dishes! #annikainthekitchen + Annika Lundkvist Photography   Cucumber Turmeric Sea Salt Salad   Parsley Trimmed Tofu Coins Topped with Butternut Squash atop Pearl Couscous   Pecan & Garlic Crusted Seitan on top of Rice, Wild Greens & Tomatoes   Seitan Picatta atop Orzo   Cinnamon Apple Filled Phyloo ShellsContinue Reading

Entering a season of intensive cooking & food photography at home! I am excited to dive into a Summer of intensive plant based cooking, enjoying documenting the process as well as eating the results!  Guten Appetit! Smaklig måltid! Bon Appétit! Dishes are all vegan, cooked & photographed by me. TopContinue Reading

The room that will serve as a central space in our life during this chapter in Connecticut, as well as be my base station for lots of cooking adventures & food photography! This is Bruschetta but it’s not just Bruschetta. It’s raw garlic goodness & regional tomato juiciness. It’s blackContinue Reading