City Feelings

I snapped a series of these photos from the train as we bid farewell to NYC on our last trip last month. I like the dreamy sort of haze it has & the feel of capturing the fleeting glow of a sunset on a moving train. I’m always fascinated by this city & at regular intervals in my life am drawn back, always as visitor, not a resident or local, but ever curious & passionate about the place nonetheless. To me, NYC is about pushing yourself, that exhilarating feeling at the end of the day of having covered a great deal of ground, whether geographically, spiritually, mentally or otherwise. As a convergence place, NYC is also, to me, very much about the world. There is something so symbolic & rich about this city that has come to mean so many things to so many people from all across the planet. And even the everyday moment in NYC is profound to me for remembering just how mundane it is. We all have errands & goals, dreams & fears, hopes, loves & losses. They all wrap into many moments to make up our days & nights, our lives. They draw from an inner space & connect us with the outer world, all the places of our daily journeys and imagination. A person of a busy mind, I am drawn to the action & flow of NYC. But the city, I recognize, as with life, also offers- perhaps even requires- that you find the space and time  for a moment for yourself & your loved ones, for quiet & retreat.