Bodhicharya Berlin Website & January 2020 Newsletter

Photo at Website of Bodhicharya Berlin

I always love when photos I take are put to treasured & practical use. I took this photo in late November 2019, as I approached Bodhicharya Berlin (a visit for interviews & coverage for Buddhistdoor Global). I was still on the sidewalk, my toddler daughter in a carrier on my back & pushing my son in his stroller. The day had begun very “Berlin grey” & cloudy but as we had been nearing the centre, blue skies were appearing as well as this gleaming sunlight. I was so thrilled & knew I had to stop right there on the sidewalk & capture this as it would be gone fast. This was also my first time visiting a stupa & Buddhist Center in Europe. Truly memorable.

Photos in Bodhicharya Berlin’s January 2020 Newsletter