Begin where you are

It’s Easter and a holiday weekend here in Poland so time for a lot of family moments and relaxing.

It also feels like Spring is really beginning outside and I’ve been tending to and transplanting many of the plants in what I call our first substantial home urban garden- a culinary as well as experimental garden where I’m developing knowledge to carry on to different garden spaces.

It’s extremely exciting seeing our dozens of plants sprouting in our current space. There’s so much I want to do- creating garden(s) that school children can visit, that community members can work and volunteer at and more.

We are experimenting with many and diverse plants (thanks to very large balcony spaces) including garlic, carrots, a few types of chili pepper, corn, lettuce, peas, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, oregano, parsley, cilantro….

With interest to begin research in urban and community agriculture, we are working on a project concept within Central Europe for knowledge exchange on different types of projects including school gardens, therapeutic gardens, community and neighborhood gardens and more.

I recently closed an application period, receiving dozens of abstracts submitted for a volume of case studies on Community and Urban Agriculture, with a focus on urban governance to sustain and preserve such projects as well. Looking forward to working with diverse authors with case studies from all over the world on many types of #urbanagriculture projects.

Begin where you are. Holiday greetings from Warszawa.


Using biohumus soil and products (above) and vegan fertilizer (below). 

Pea plants

Corn plants

One of multiple types of chili pepper plants we are growing

Pea plants

A happy gardener, about to transplant

Oregano pre-transplant