Hello again Stockholm

It feels wonderful to be living back in Sweden’s capital region, in part because of the endless rich beauty of the area, to include of course Stockholm city herself.  I don’t think I could tire of photographing her beauty, waterways & excellently maintained built environment.  The city has a lot of visual drama and an international flair but is also very “Nordic”

Last week I received paperwork confirming my photography business as registered here in Sweden and I truly thrill at the prospect of working behind the lens, with people and food and various subjects, not only just in beautiful Stockholm but throughout Scandinavia.

My family and I have settled, for now, in a cozy and spacious home in the woods near the sea in Nacka municipality, neighboring Stockholm. It is our peaceful retreat and a good space for me to shift into organizational and another creative mode after I’ve been photoshooting in the city.

The following are just everyday scenes around Stockholm. She’s a beauty.