A Garden Grows

The lettuce is growing ????
The peas are growing ????
The tomatoes are growing ????
The peppers are growing ????️
The garlic is growing ????
The parsley is growing ????
The corn is growing ????
The cilantro is growing ????
The cucumbers are growing ????
The carrots are growing ????

I’m finding not only a lot of joy in our current ‚balcony kitchen garden’ but it’s also another useful chapter in my own learning about gardening, knowledge that I will be able to take with me to future home gardens and community garden projects.

For example, it’s my 1st time growing peas and I have to confess that this plant is now definitely among my favorites to grow.

When I’m able to help organize school, community and educational gardens, I know that via the pea plant I can convey a great passion for cultivating plants as well as plant-based nutrition.

But I’m also having a blast cultivating all the other vegetables and herbs and learning by doing in our current lush little balcony garden.

My family is also on the lookout for where we will eventually set some roots- quite literally as I need more space to grow many, many more plants!

Ideally that will be a home with a very large garden (and/or ability to collaborate with a local farm) but what we are doing now in our urban setting is for me also a testament of individuals growing in the city.

I’ve also set up @citykitchengarden and have really enjoyed beginning to explore the media & stories of many people worldwide growing food on balconies & urban home settings.