The Right to Garden

The cold snap appears to be over and the plants in our balcony kitchen garden definitely appear to be happy.

Ever since I began posting and communicating more on our current garden activities, I hear from more and more from people who are also passionate gardeners, involved in community and urban gardening and farming and it is very inspiring.

I believe everyone has the right to garden, though in many of our societies we are so divorced from food systems that even growing a little bit of food can seem so foreign.

I love meeting people and hearing about people who are growing most (or all) of their food. Growing most or all of our household veggies and herbs someday is something I aspire to (no, not in our current apartment but a home with a small garden or more land).

As I continue with my nascent research activity in this area as well, I really value connecting with others who have been working with issues of community urban agriculture for years or, like me, are new to the research on it but ready to bring into their wheelhouse and work & contribute.

A highlight discussion of this week was meeting Marta Sylla for the first time. Hearing about their university-based CSA had me sitting straight up in my seat. I have seen similar models in the States but not so much in this region so the progressive example offered by their work is so exciting and one I look forward to learning more from.

I also love community gardening initiatives that are also incorporating plant-based nutrition learning in the activities. In January 2018 I completed the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies ‘Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program’. I have been living largely WFPB (whole foods plant based) since 2017 (and vegan since 2014) and absolutely love introducing people to creative plant-based cooking.

I also know community gardening activities don’t require everyone to be a soil expert. I believe societies who have a really mainstream culture of urban and community gardens have cultivated that thru a democratic understanding of gardening as a universal practice.

I aspire to grow many quality vegetables & herbs- it would be a bonus if I could grow enough to share with neighbors and friends.

Friday greetings from our balcony garden. We should be harvesting peas next month, the tomato plants are coming up strong as is the garlic, diverse chili pepper plants, parsley, lettuce and more.

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