9/9/18 in Oakland

Sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do at all with fancy equipment or editing or anything but the simplicity, emotion & beauty of that moment.

Even as a photographer, sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do with great camera equipment, special light conditions or post processing.  They are just beloved moments snapped candidly & these days often with a phone. 

Such was the case with these photos, snapped at breakfast at Paradise Park Cafe in Oakland last September on the morning of my brother & sister-in-law’s wedding. The day was simply incredible from start to finish, relaxed but momentous & with this incredible diamond like brilliance I found auspicious  for this very important day for two loved ones. 

While admittedly, many cel phones capacity to take photos (along with, of course, the skills of whoever is using the mobile device), rivals that of some professional equipment, my own mobile device is fairly on its way to retirement in the next couple of years I sense.  But still, I absolutely adore these photos my niece snapped of my daughter & I that very special morning. In fact I have one of the below framed right next to my desk, reminding me of the greatest gift of all that I have in the love of my family.