As of 2021 I am working primarily on project Pedestrian Space which is dedicated to exploring the challenges and benefits of pedestrian initiatives as well as serving as a platform for media & advocacy on pedestrianization & related themes for sustainable urbanism & mobility in the 21st century. Visit theContinue Reading

Things are about to get a lot greener here as my life & lens increasingly focus on the goodness of gardening!!! Pictured here are pea shoots cultivated right at home in our current urban setting in the Nordics. Pea shoots are super delicious & nutritious! I look forward to writingContinue Reading

Snapshots from Malmö: City & Space May 2020 Like most, we have stayed put in our city of residence, cancelling all personal and business trips over the past few months. Yet recently we decided to journey to Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city and the urban hub of Skåne (the ‘SwedishContinue Reading