The Heart of the Series + Behind the Scenes!


On the train ride to Stockholm

This past weekend, I woke up on a snowy morning to get myself and my almost one year old daughter ready to go take the train into Stockholm for a photoshoot with 8 mothers based in Sweden’s capital region.

I started my vegan portrait & interview series with mothers in 2016 as a way to begin documenting & sharing the stories & insight of vegan mothers all over the planet.  I wanted to learn more myself via other women but also be part of the movement to share the information we are all cultivating about living as vegans, creating nutritious & delicious meals for our families, communicating with health care providers & schools as well as tips & insight for healthy vegan pregnancies.  

I also talk with women about their backgrounds, what led them on this path of veganism, as well as a lot of everyday stuff related to their work, their passions & hobbies & their perspectives of the cities & regions they live in.

You can enjoy some of the vegan mamas interviews I’ve done on this site here & on my other site here.

A very critical part of my intention with this series is to show the face of veganism. My dream & plan is to take this project with me everywhere I go. To photograph women all over the world in all our diversity, beauty & difference but also connectivity.  
Part of the “image” & representation of veganism for me is to convey that yes, healthy vegan mothers & children exist!  
People go vegan for many reasons- the top 3 most cited being for animals, environment & health (or all of the above).  Vegans are humans just like everyone else & no we are not immune to sickness. But it is extraordinarily important for me to be able to convey, through my interviews & portraits with women, that veganism is not only possible but preferable by many & that it is possible to thrive in such a lifestyle. 
Despite the fact that many of us have healthy children, had healthy vegan pregnancies & are doing fine ourselves, there is unfortunately sometimes a stigma about vegans & veganism.  Some people don’t even have any idea what we eat!!  Psst, feel free to visit my food section for some glimpses of the bounty of vegan cuisine. 
I find it incredibly important to share the image of vegan women just as normal people & help to distribute these stories & messages.  Many of us discover a whole new world when we become vegan, for example learning so much about plant based nutrition or ethical fashion & body care products that we then incorporate into our lives. 
This Stockholm mamas photoshoot was so special to me as it is now, to date, the largest mamas photoshoot I have done & I absolutely loved it.  The energy of the moment & the women gathered, the dialogue we all had around fika (coffee & tasty sweet treats), the invigoration going forward having met other passionate vegan mums.
Thank you so much to Nina of Green Laces for graciously hosting us in your fabulous & cozy shop space & thank you mamas for being present & simply wonderful!
Stay tuned for this featured at Raise Vegan Magazine.

Nursing mamas, laughing mamas, lovely mamas ❤
Introducing ourselves & enjoying dialogue over some good strong coffee 
The babies along for the photoshoot day also had a blast, including my daughter here schmoozing for mama behind the camera.
Group selfie before we went on our snowy ways home!
A happy mama & daughter snug asleep after a big, wonderful day.
Also big ups & shout out to Do No Harm Apparel who provided some apparel worn by some of the women in this photoshoot.  
Photos coming soon!
I also rocked their comfy #VEGAN bodysuit in black for this photoshoot day