“I consider myself as kind of an incarnation of the Northern Lights. I am always traveling, surprising, developing & finding new ways to move forward. I always return to the North.” -Marita on ‘Living in the High North’

 “My favorite season is Winter.  The sun starts to come back, Northern Lights, skiing & the festivals & cultural events that happen at this time of year are great.  It’s an inspiring time of the year.” -Christo on ‘Seasons in Tromsø’

“I come from Bonn, near Cologne. At the moment, I live in Potsdam, a gorgeous city with a historical background. It is small & there isn’t a party on every corner. But it’s cozy.” Alex on ‘Being in Berlin’

“Berliners are mostly very honest & very outgoing.  So people think they’re hard. But that is just Berlin- the same with the style.  You don’t have to take a step back.” -Maurice on ‘Being a Berliner’