Scenes from Tromsø

I am (and perhaps will always be) fascinated by the High North Scenes from Tromsø December 2012

Marita on ‘Living in the High North’

“I consider myself as kind of an incarnation of the Northern Lights. I am always traveling,…

Christo on ‘Seasons in Tromsø’

 “My favorite season is Winter.  The sun starts to come back, Northern Lights, skiing & the…

Scenes from Lisbon

Margaret Island

In September 2011 we visited Budapest, staying on the lovely & verdant Margaret Island. One of…

One Winter’s Day in Nürnberg

Shooting with Victoria one Winter’s day in Nürnberg   

Country Chic in Gatow

Photographing horse lover & rider Antonia in Gatow March 2013  

Viewpoint Nürnberg

Antonia on ‘Being a Berliner’

“I love to be a Berliner & to live here because it’s a very modern, big…

Alex on ‘Being in Berlin’

“I come from Bonn, near Cologne. At the moment, I live in Potsdam, a gorgeous city…