Food Photography in Providence

Flashback post!!

I recently had a hankering for the Seitan Wings I tried at Pizza J’s in Providence a few years back when I visited the city to cover some of its vegan eats for publication in The Providence Journal.  This craving had me revisiting my post on the article (view ‘A tasting tour of Providence’s vegan food scenehere) & also realizing I had not done an post exclusively for the food photography highlights from that visit along with a bit of personal commentary.  So here it is- to delicious food memories!


Above: Mapo Tofu with Ground Seitan in a spicy Chili and Douchi Sauce with Broccoli

Below: Seitan Chorizo and Cannellini Beans and Kale with Wild Rice Vegetable Broth

I was with my husband & son (a very busy toddler at the time) on this trip & simply put, sometimes family travel does not mix easily with photography assignments & align with your visions of how photos will go at a restaurant (I brought my son along with me regularly for restaurant photography when he was a baby but into the toddler years quickly realized it just would not be possible to do that anymore!) .  But with the help & support of my husband at the time I was able to focus at AS220 to take some on location shots as well as enjoy the Seitan Chorizo bowl.  The sweet, smoky Mapo Tofu bowl I enjoyed later at the hotel!

Brunch at Julian’s

Above: Julian’s famous Bloody Mary (packs quite a kick!)

Below: St Jamez Benedict with Fried Tofu, vegan Hollandaise & Garlicky Baby Spinach

Julian’s was actually our first stop when we arrived to Providence.  Like many folks we’re brunch lovers & I was excited to kick off my tasting tour of the city with a meal here.  We enjoyed the food but especially appreciated the atmosphere, immediately getting a feel for a very diverse mix of Providence diners.

It was such a treat to meet Karen of Like No Udder at both her truck & later at Like No Udder’s brick & mortar location. A Steely Dan song was playing when I came into the Like No Udder location on leafy, relaxed Ives Street & I knew it was an auspicious moment! I fondly remember my son playing away at a table as I relaxed, chatted with Karen as she served a steady stream of customers & took some photos.

Oh, and yes her coconut & cashew based ice creams are delicious!!!

Ah, Pizza J.

I remember after my afternoon visiting Pizza J I told my husband that if we moved to Providence there is no doubt we would be ordering pizza & other dishes regularly from there. Not only was the vegan pie (made with housemade cashew cheese) easily some of the best pizza I have had, the  Seitan wings were something new to me & another dish I would happily repeat over & over.

While at Pizza J’s I also enjoyed talking with the sociable folks working there not only about the food at their establishment but also the rich culinary atmosphere of the city.

Above: Pizza with housemade Cashew Cheese & Scallion & Roma Tomato topping

Below: Seitan wings in Curry Peanut Cilantro Sauce

And on a personal note, the below photo (taken while dining at Veggie Fun in Providence) captures what I feel is a perfect “behind the scenes” moment representative of being a mother & photographer!  Nearly all of the first two years of my food photography was done with my son in my arms or by my side!


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