Snapshots from Malmö: City & Space

May 2020

Like most, we have stayed put in our city of residence, cancelling all personal and business trips over the past few months. Yet recently we decided to journey to Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city and the urban hub of Skåne (the ‘Swedish South’) for a long weekend.

My father is from Malmö and it was to this region that my NYC born mother and my brother moved after my parents married. My brother was 5 at the time and though they didn’t stay long, he still has a Skåne accent (that Southern twang!) until this day when he speaks Swedish.

This time has been thick with memories as well as ideas for the future. For my husband and I, a return to that region where my parents both lived together before deciding to move (back) to the United States, has been an idea percolating for awhile.

I have been to Malmö easily a couple dozen times thus far in my life, so it was truly a surprise to feel such wonder arriving in the city, such gratitude to be there. Perhaps it was that fresh Spring energy, the gorgeous lighting everywhere, the joy to be experiencing it with my husband and children. You engage with a place in a new way as a parent. I felt truly ‘nyförälskad‘ (newly in love) in the city- a wonderful feeling to have, especially for those who treasure curiosity and continuous discovery of place.