I love eating on the Big Island & on this month’s trip I devoted energy to exploring & documenting some of the vegan options. This is just a sampling of what I had & of course just a fraction of what exists. In my opinion, there can always be more vegan optionsContinue Reading

I began on a path of veganism this year in Honolulu & it has already been both transformative & awakening. Compelled by the changes it has already brought to my life & with a changed (changing) view of the world, I am beginning a Portrait + Dialogue Series with fellow vegans.Continue Reading

I had to snap a photo of this yesterday morning before I devoured it.  It is, quite possibly, one of the most delicious musubis I have ever had & definitely the best tofu musubi I have ever seen & tasted. These days, my meals are predominantly vegan so there hasContinue Reading