MILK FEATURE MONDAYS! Every Monday for a few weeks now I have been highlighting one of several plant based & vegan milk options there are available now across my social media channels. Almond Milk with chocolate chip cookies Rice Milk Pea Milk Above & below: a Mac nut creamer onContinue Reading

Sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do at all with fancy equipment or editing or anything but the simplicity, emotion & beauty of that moment. Even as a photographer, sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do with great camera equipment, special light conditions or post processing.  They areContinue Reading

I am definitely a minimalist editor when it comes to photos. Since I got into photography (around 2001) and even later when I got into post processing with software like Photoshop (around 2011) my style and technique has still always been to aim to get the shot on the spotContinue Reading