As a vegan who has been curious about Buddhist philosophy for years, I’ve also been increasingly interested in the intersection of the two philosophies & learning more about vegan & plant based practice within Buddhist culture. So I was thrilled to learn about recent title by Vegan Publishers- ‘Buddhism &Continue Reading

Countdown in a couple days to an exciting vegan beauty photoshoot I’ve had in the works for a few months, now featuring a number of ethically minded European beauty brands. Featured a sneak peek with eyeshadows from puroBIO cosmetics, a beloved Italian brand producing quality vegan cosmetics 💖 .

Currently working on an interview with Khenpo Karma Tenkyong for Buddhistdoor Global. When asked about observations of practice & the ‘busy mind’ he responded: “The 21st century is very busy time. I check many times and I always find that everyone is very busy. From my experience, we really needContinue Reading