Ruin bars, beautiful city views, grand bridges & herbal liqueurs- just some of my memories of Budapest. I love revisiting photos to relive the atmosphere of a place. Photos taken in Budapest, Summer 2011

In September 2011 we visited Budapest, staying on the lovely & verdant Margaret Island. One of the best parts of travel for me is pulling up the photos & memories, reflecting on places & experiences had there. We had no agenda & just explored the streets of Pest & Buda,Continue Reading

Szimpla Budapest September 2011 As often happens when I travel, I had a list of places dutifully researched & jotted down that I wanted to see in Budapest.  Specific streets, landmarks, museums, speciality shops, certain neighborhoods, bars & restaurants. And as often happens when I travel, I ultimately submitted to anContinue Reading

The memory of some places stirs sensually, providing the scenes for a film like sequence in memory years later. For me it is a combination of impressions, sometimes imprinted from actual films or literature or other cultural references. Sometimes it’s a soul stirring sensation or a cerebral connection to theContinue Reading