Photoshooting with belly dancer & creative movement teacher Daniela! Bavaria, Germany Spring 2012   See more from my photoshoots with Daniela here 

This year I attended the Prince Lot Hula Festival XXXVII presented by Moanalua Gardens Foundation.  I took many photos purely in the spirit of appreciation & observation. It was a mana rich event with the beauty of the flowers & dress, the dance & movements, the gestures & stance but also the atmosphereContinue Reading

Photoshooting with dancers of the Ballett Tanz Akademie Bonivento Dazzi, Regensburg Creative Direction: Susanna Dazzi Bonivento & Sebastiano Bonivento Location: Regensburg Summer 2013

Daniela’s spirit for dance seems to know no bounds.  This was my second time photographing this Hamburg based belly dancer & creative movement teacher. On a Summer day in 2012, exploring an area of the relaxed & more rural periphery of  Regensburg, we chose a variety of  locations to frame her bright, beautifulContinue Reading