Using sidewalks as “studio” is one of my absolute favorite motifs. Perhaps it’s my mercurial spirit- give me a connective passage & a subject & I am in my own photographer’s bliss Photos from Style Sessions in Nürnberg, Regensburg, Berlin & Honolulu.  

Photoshooting with model Alexander Downtown Honolulu July 2014   

Photoshooting with Alex H. Berlin, Germany Summer 2012

Photoshooting with model Drew in Waikiki August 2013  

Photoshooting with model & actor Zeus in Chinatown Honolulu, August 2013             

The sounds of LanaDel Ray’s Blue Jeans & Metronomy’s The Bay start rhythmically turning & bouncing in my mind when I remember my late August trip to Berlin in 2012…. Living in Bavaria at the time, I would visit Berlin a few times a year & this was to beContinue Reading

Panzerhalle, Salzburg Spring 2012 I love doing photoshoots when I travel. Prior to a Spring 2012 trip to Salzburg, I devoted time to searching for models there for a TFP shoot. I was eager to start trying my hand at fashion photography & begin to build my portfolio. 2 Salzburg based male models responded enthusiasticallyContinue Reading