Hagaskolan article in Welt Vegan Magazine (above), Issue 3: 2019 “Die erste vegan Schule in Schweden”  English version below from International Issue – World Vegan Magazine Visit https://www.welt-vegan-magazin.de for digital issues

I am definitely a minimalist editor when it comes to photos. Since I got into photography (around 2001) and even later when I got into post processing with software like Photoshop (around 2011) my style and technique has still always been to aim to get the shot on the spotContinue Reading

My last photosession in Stockholm before we move on could not have been more beautiful. ┬áA gorgeous, loving couple & the glory of Autumn everywhere…

After having been living in the Stockholm region now for the second time in my life, but this time around with my own young children, I have become increasingly familiar with the wonder & diversity of parks & playgrounds here. These public spaces have, as they do for many families everywhere,Continue Reading

A deliciously fun Friday evening earlier this month at Matlabbet with Isa of GreenIsaDream. 3 couples were all given a bag with different ingredients to reflect the culinary heritage of where they were from. Mexico, Lebanon & Germany were represented. It was so much fun to watch & photograph allContinue Reading