Hurraw! Balm

Featured Brand: Hurraw!

Vegan Cosmetics Photoshoot

February 2015

Honolulu, HI


Q & A with Hurraw! Balm

Whitefish, MT

Do you envision a growth of vegan cosmetics & beauty lines in the future?  How is the reception there locally in your region (or the greater Rockies) for vegan cosmetics in general?

DEFINITELY, being conscious of your actions & choices will be ‘a thing’ in the future 🙂 There is a better way to do everything. Why not try!?!? When people dig our product, they simply are responding to the quality of the ingredients.  

Looking at your company’s FB page & scrolling down recent posts, I immediately see an incredible international representation- London, Brooklyn, Amman, Seoul, Oslo, Berlin, Segovia.  And that’s just recent posts!   When was Hurraw founded & how have you come to have such a truly global reach? 

We work with a ton of great peeps all around the globe. Our design, our flavors, our process, our structure; everything about our company is internationally inspired. We’ve been making fresh balms DAILY for 5 years and we’ve found that it’s not about what country you’re from or how many shiny certificates you’ve paid for, or what celebrity endorsements you have. People want quality products. We’ll continue to make them as long as we can!

What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, shops (or any other businesses) in your city & region?  Worldwide?

We manufacture in a tiny ski town in Montana, USA. There isn’t much of a vegan culture here 🙁 We love to travel and experience fresh fruit & veg as much as possible. Personally, the only item in my house that I would purchase with overnight shipping if it broke… my blender/juicer.


Hurraw! Sun Balm & Moon Balm







Eliana with Hurraw! Grapefruit Balm







Niko with Hurraw! Orange Lip Balm


Haylee with Hurraw! Chocolate Lip Balm



Angela with Hurraw! Black Cherry Balm



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