Plant Based at Kitchen & Table HBG

While on visit to the Clarion Grand Helsingborg recently I had the pleasure to dine at Kitchen & Table on the hotel’s ground floor.  I actually had not thought to make reservations so ordered my food to the room where I later enjoyed two beautifully prepared plant based dishes.  I look forward to trying more of your plant based cuisine Kitchen & Table!  These were both beautiful & very delicious dishes as well as a joy to photograph. 

“SUMMER AT BJÄRE” appetizer

Beets, carrots, olives & capers

Light, fresh, crispy & lovely

From the URBAN GARDEN menu at Kitchen + Table, Helsingborg:

Portobello Mushroom & Asparagus dish

The Portobello Mushroom was divinely succulent & beautifully seasoned with herbs.

Easily one of the best Portobello Mushroom dishes I have had!

Close up of that gorgeous, succulent, richly herb seasoned Portobello Mushroom!