Annabelle Minerals

I was very excited to welcome the wonderful Annabelle Minerals to feature product at a beauty shoot I did recently in southern Sweden. Established in 2012 in Bielsko-Biala, Poland by Anna Szczerba – a Polish lawyer who “dumped her lawyer’s toga to create natural, safe and delicate makeup cosmetics”, the brand is rooted in a holistic approach to beauty and skincare, constantly seeking for new, greener solutions. 

Was Annabelle Minerals always vegan?  If not, when did the change happen?

Annabelle Minerals: Most products from Annabelle Minerals’ portfolio are vegan from the very beginning. They contain only 4 mineral ingredients. Our credo is less is more.

What is it like working at Annabelle Minerals?

Annabelle Minerals: It is very satisfying and challenging at the same time. The branch of natural beauty is changing fast, so you always have to be one step ahead of your competitors. Still, it is so nice to develop highly effective products that are good for the skin.

What is your outlook on the development of vegan beauty brands in Europe in the next 10 years? Worldwide?

Annabelle Minerals: In my opinion, in the upcoming decade, we need to focus on creating products that are highly eco-friendly. From this point of view, vegan cosmetics perfectly fit into this trend. I see opportunities for vegan cosmetic brands not just in Europe, but all over the world. We are happy to be one of the first vegan makeup cosmetic brands in Poland and now we’re approaching other markets as well, offering the vegan makeup alternative to the rest of Europe. It is so exciting!

What is the vegan beauty scene and network in Warsaw & Poland like?

Annabelle Minerals: Vegan movement in Poland is developing rapidly. Warsaw is the 7th on the HappyCow list of most vegan-friendly cities in Europe. As for the vegan beauty scene, it is also blooming. You can find a wide range of vegan cosmetic brands, which are of Polish origin. They are gaining popularity year by year. Polish society is more and more aware of the risks and obstacles that animal-derived products can carry and is eager to choose vegan options instead. The future of veganism in Poland is obviously bright.