1st Postcards Mix

I have had a great love of print media for many years.  Almost since I could pick up a pencil & scribble out a note I was collecting stationary & buying postcards wherever we went, even if it was just a day trip somewhere near home. I appreciated the designs & imagery & thrilled in both collecting as well as using them to write to a number of pen pals I had as a girl.

Deciding to use my own travel photos to create my own print media seemed like a natural progression. I love the entire process, from selecting images from my journeys to use, to ordering the stock & selling the cards to people planning to frame them, add them to their postcard collections or pen a note & send off in the mail.

When I decided to start creating postcards in 2011 we were living in Bavaria. So aside from a few of the cards in my first set (I.e. Berlin), the majority of the cards are from locations in Bavaria & also places that can be reached with the “Bayern Pass” on the rail system.


SalzburgGoldGlobeBelowSteinerLite SalzburgGoldGlobeAboveSteinerLite RegensburgTreesCityFabric1Riesling RegensburgLocksChantelli RegensburgKayakLalex RegensburgColorBldgsDom2Riesling RegensburgCityFabric1Riesling PlanterCastle PassauCityFabric1Riesling Nymphenburg1Riesling NuremburgWeinnachtsMarkt NuremburgStSebaldus2Powell NuremburgStSebaldus1Powell NeuschwansteinWinter1Riesling NeuschwansteinChantelliAntiqua HohenschwangauWinter2Riesling_2 HohenschwangauWinter1Riesling Dachau2Riesling Dachau1Riesling BerlinLandmarks1Powell BerlinFlagDame1942Report BambergDom1Riesling