Photographer: Doug Falter


The sound of roosters crowing is audible on the recording of my conversation with photographer Doug Falter. It immediately brings me back to the sunny, beautiful & otherwise very quiet setting where I met Doug to talk story.
It’s a beautiful weekday morning in Haleiwa & I am meeting with Doug just a couple days before he’s off to California for a couple weeks of travel & no doubt creation of some epic photography along the way.
Doug has been quick to settle & completely immerse himself in his craft here at one global surf mecca- North Shore. What is especially noteworthy & awesome is how fresh it all is.
In recalling how it started just a couple years ago,when he didn’t know much about photography, Doug remarks “I literally shot every day, at least once or twice a day & decided that I loved it.”
“At this point, I’d say it’s come a long way,” Doug reflects on his work since his sudden & minimalistic moved from Florida to Hawai’i in 2012.
When asked if there is a certain rush for him in surf photography Doug grins. “It’s insane. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve had it where I felt adrenalin pumping through my body for two days after.”
“I’ve learned how to handle the ocean as best I can right now.” Doug notes when I ask about safety practices. “It’s about constantly learning & constantly improving. I think a lot of it is mental.”
As a fellow photographer building my own work from self learning & an entrepreneurial spirit, I bring up these issues to Doug, asking “You know what I mean by the ‘hustle’?’”
Doug grins & nods. ”Yeah, working hard.”
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