Retrospect & Planning

About 7 years ago, after years of doing photography as a passionate hobby, I had my first job as a freelancer- product photography at a wonderful shop in Bavaria with quality house furnishings & kitchenware (often made in Europe). I thank Newstalgie for that opportunity & many fond memories as I enjoyed being the shop’s in house photographer for the next couple of years until we left Germany for Hawai’i. That gig also opened me up to pursuing other types of photo work & soon I was booking portrait sessions for individuals & families as well as product photography for other businesses, occasional events & dabbling in fashion photography.

Photo: Product photography with Newstalgie featuring La Rochère France glasseware & Linum cushions

Several years & a few moves later we are adjusting to life in Sweden & I am excited to devote much of this year to my children & also tinkering in my mind with plans for when I come back to bookings with full force. I’m looking forward to a Spring & Summer of family activity & fun while also preparing new marketing materials & also planning to broaden the scope of my services to include more ceremonies & events when I resume bookings in Autumn 2018.

Photography for family, creativity, community & craft.


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