Sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do at all with fancy equipment or editing or anything but the simplicity, emotion & beauty of that moment. Even as a photographer, sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do with great camera equipment, special light conditions or post processing.  They areContinue Reading

I snapped this photo back in November 2008 when I had my first (analog) Nikon basically in storage & was using a little snap & shoot. I was visiting my parents on Hawai’i island with my now husband. We hiked a bit with my father & a group out toContinue Reading

About 7 years ago, after years of doing photography as a passionate hobby, I had my first job as a freelancer- product photography at a wonderful shop in Bavaria with quality house furnishings & kitchenware (often made in Europe). I thank Newstalgie for that opportunity & many fond memories asContinue Reading