Photoshooting with Chrissyni in beautiful Regensburg October 2012 I absolutely love the energy & drama of a beautiful Autumn day.  To work with Chrissyni in Regensburg capturing these images was a fantastic experience where model & photographer both came forward with ideas & executed.  I love a fresh & cleanContinue Reading

I like photographing artists & couples & I like ink so it made sense to begin a project uniting all three in my photography.  ‘Real Ink Love’ focuses on tattoo artists & people in daily life & scenes of affection. Photos taken in Munich Spring 2012      

 I love the crisp cool & vigor of Autumn as well as the sensuality of the season’s fashions. The energy of this season & it’s styles are probably among those closest to my heart to photograph. Images from various Autumn inspired shoots I had with models in Germany (2012-2013)

A client of mine in Germany, Mareike agreed to have one of her shoots be my first studio session. We both enjoyed the energy of the shoot, the light & the results.  These photos were taken in my home crafted studio space where we resided in Bavaria.