When I spend time in a city on an urban holiday, I like to devote time to just wandering around.  It is, for me, the best way to discover, feel out the energy, stumble upon interesting nooks & quiet spaces as well as landmarks & well traveled routes & hopeContinue Reading

Location details from a recent children’s editorial shoot for Enfants Terrible Magazine at Kahala Hotel & Resort It was exciting when I got the green light from the PR office at the Kahala Hotel & Resort to be able to use their location for an editorial for the Midsummer editionContinue Reading

My mind is always alert to the role of location in a storyboard or shoot. A veritable mandala of forces combine to impress upon one’s mind the energy of a place: the aesthetics, the weather, the moods & character of the community, the genius loci.  It may often be aContinue Reading

The memory of some places stirs sensually, providing the scenes for a film like sequence in memory years later. For me it is a combination of impressions, sometimes imprinted from actual films or literature or other cultural references. Sometimes it’s a soul stirring sensation or a cerebral connection to theContinue Reading

I have had a great love of print media for many years.  Almost since I could pick up a pencil & scribble out a note I was collecting stationary & buying postcards wherever we went, even if it was just a day trip somewhere near home. I appreciated the designsContinue Reading