I snapped this photo back in November 2008 when I had my first (analog) Nikon basically in storage & was using a little snap & shoot. I was visiting my parents on Hawai’i island with my now husband. We hiked a bit with my father & a group out toContinue Reading

Road tripping is an integral part of experiencing the Big Island at her fullest & whenever I visit there are at least a few days set aside for hitting the road to go visit places, both familiar to me as well as new.  This photo was taken en route backContinue Reading

I love eating on the Big Island & on this month’s trip I devoted energy to exploring & documenting some of the vegan options. This is just a sampling of what I had & of course just a fraction of what exists. In my opinion, there can always be more vegan optionsContinue Reading

Visiting Volcano House at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on the National Park Service’s 98th birthday August 2013 Halema`uma`u Crater “The Rim” Restaurant in Volcano House