When we moved back to Hawai’i in Summer of 2013, I was eager to immediately start test shooting in locations there & get acquainted with the light & general atmosphere. As we called Waikiki home for the first several weeks, my go-to locations were often right in that area. Shooting withContinue Reading

Last Summer I had freshly relocated back to the Hawaiian Islands & was eager to start photographing & acclimating to the local light & landscapes. This shoot with Rachel was a great example of what I love about classic beach photo vibes! Photos of Rachel taken in September, 2013 inContinue Reading

A good friend of mine, while talking with me about my photography a couple of years ago, once advised “Don’t forget about your roots.  Early Annika.” It felt strange & presumptuous for me to think about “early Annika” considering I had really only just begun, hardly a year prior.  IContinue Reading

Photoshooting in Dieselpunk Glam style with Lydia Augsburg, Spring 2012

This was my second time photographing Lena & I really enjoyed the way her soft beauty worked in this quiet lake setting in Bavaria.  She exudes a  twinkle of some sweet enchantment that worked beautifully framed within the element of water . Lena Summer 2013