La Fresh

Featured Brand: La Fresh

Vegan Cosmetics Photoshoot

February 2015

Honolulu, HI


Q & A with Kelly of La Fresh


Do you envision a growth of vegan cosmetics & beauty lines in the future?  How is the reception there locally in your region for vegan cosmetics in general?

Although some past trends have shown us that vegan claims have not been the top concern of consumers, this is possibly due to the misunderstanding of diet-related claims in beauty and personal care products. However, as consumers become increasingly educated about product ingredients in conjunction with an overall concern about the environment, there are tremendous growth possibilities in vegan beauty care. There is a strong community of individuals that seek high-quality and effective products yet feel animals should not suffer to achieve these attributes. As this community grows and generates brand ambassadors, ethical and cruelty-free claims will influence the growth in vegan beauty care.

Any comments about the use of social media for cultivating awareness on mindful brands (such as yours) creating great products with beauty but also environment in mind?

First, it’s important to maintain a consistent social position on where you stand ethically. A company should maintain a balance of socially promoting the strength of their business and products while promoting their morals and goals. If social media could be utilized to inform and engage consumers on the quality and efficacy of more environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products, it would assist them in making educated choices on the types of products they put onto their skin and inside their bodies.

What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, shops (or any other businesses) in your city & region?  Worldwide?

There are so many vegan businesses out there with more and more being created which is wonderful news. Many of the vegan businesses offer products or services that match if not beat their non-vegan competitors. Herbivore is a favorite vegan café with two locations in the bay area. Café Gratitude is another business that offers organic vegan food in 5 locations throughout California. Viva La Vegan Grocery in Cucamonga, CA is a great 100% vegan grocery store that has such a wide variety of products. Alternative Outfitters is a great business to shop for shoes, bags and accessories. And to try a variety of vegan products out, Vegan Cuts provides a monthly subscription box full of yummy vegan snacks or vegan beauty goodies.


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