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Featured Brand: Au Naturale Cosmetics 

Vegan Cosmetics Photoshoot

February 2015

Honolulu, HI


Q & A with Angela, founder of Au Naturale Cosmetics

Green Bay, WI

Do you envision a growth of vegan cosmetics & beauty lines in the future?  How is the reception there locally in your region (or the Midwest in general) for vegan cosmetics in general?

Green Beauty will be the new standard. Au Naturale has experienced remarkable growth of which we are extremely grateful. In three short years we have grown from 30 to over 200 SKUs & as we continue to grow we will offer our customers even more choice of organic products made fresh in our lab, every day. 

It is very inspiring reading about Au Naturale’s philanthropic work. Do you have any tips or lessons learned from experience with regards to connecting professional pursuits with charitable activities?  Do you envision a future where more lines not only espouse a vegan ethos but are also able to connect in a philanthropic effort?

We consider Au Naturale to be both consciously chic in every facet.  When the idea of Au Naturale was born, it was pure in intent. Not only did I want to empower women with pure & ethical cosmetics, but I also wanted to create a corporate culture that gave back.  You will see that as our company grows, so does our philanthropic reach. I wanted to create Au Naturale to make a difference in the world & I intend to do just that.

 What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, shops (or any other businesses) in your city & region?  Worldwide?

Let’s stick to restaurants, or I will get carried away! Locally (Green Bay, WI), I adore a restaurant in Green Bay called Kavarna. I lived in Washington DC for over 7 years & still visit regularly.  While there I enjoy the vegan fare at Elizabeth’s Gone Raw, Founding Farmers, Rasika, Oyamel & Teaism. NYC sees more & more of me—  I am still exploring the gorgeous vegan landscape there. That said, nothing topped The Candle Cafe (West) for me! After a few meals there I purchased the cookbook 🙂 I could go on and on but the last I’ll mention is in Cape Town, South Africa (my favorite place to visit). If ever there, try Dear Me.


Angela wearing Au Naturale ‘Rumba Creme Blusher’ & ‘Palma’ eyeshadow




Au Naturale ‘Bronzer Stick


 Eliana wearing Au Naturale ‘Bronzer Stick’

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