Marie Natie

Featured Brand: Marie Natie

Vegan Cosmetics Photoshoot

February 2015

Honolulu, HI


Q & A with Mary Yang, Founder of Marie Natie Cosmetics

Thousand Oaks, CA & Toronto

Do you envision a growth of vegan cosmetics & beauty lines in the future?  How is the reception there locally in your region  for vegan cosmetics in general?

I do envision a growth in vegan cosmetics in the future & have seen a strong growth already in recent years. However, I find that although these vegan products are available, a lot of consumers who are used to buying mainstream makeup are skeptical of the functionality of vegan cosmetics. You also get a pretty solid 50/50 split between women who are actively seeking to make a difference in their product choices vs. women who are used to buying regular mainstream makeup & not paying attention to the ingredients or what they are putting on their skin.

In Toronto, for women who want to make that change, there are tons of boutiques available that offer vegan & organic products.  However, this is not as common in LA, especially with the much larger population here.

What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, shops in your city & region?  

I love eating at Fresh & Life Organic Food Bar in Toronto.  My favorite shops that offer vegan products are Grassroots & Chartreuse Style in Toronto & Terra20 in Ottawa. In LA, I love shopping at Detox Market & eating at Veggie Grill.






Eliana wearing Marie Natie ‘Lust’ Lip Gloss



Haylee applying Marie Natie ‘Flair’ Lip Gloss



Angela applying Marie Natie ‘Posh’ Lip Gloss


Niko wearing Marie Natie Violet, Chocolate & Jade Eyeshadows


Haylee wearing Marie Natie Argent & Bisque Eyeshadows


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