Harvey Prince

Featured Brand: Harvey Prince

Vegan Cosmetics Photoshoot

February 2015

Honolulu, HI


Q & A with Harvey Prince


Your company story at your websites shares a lot of exciting & essential aspects of your brand’s philosophy, including the features of being 100% cruelty free, no animal testing & crafted in the USA.  As a fair fragrance & fair trade company with international scope, do you have any particularly outstanding memories of sourcing scents or ingredients in various places on Earth? 

On a trip to the southern part of India, our team saw firsthand how carefully the locals cultivated patchouli, a fragrant bush, that’s often used in perfumery. Patchouli essential oil is ultimately extracted from patchouli leaves by a process called steam distillation. Seeing the dedication and care the locals had for the patchouli bushes and the respect they have for this plant as a source of income and as a stabilizing economic force for them was simply amazing.

Do you envision a growth of vegan cosmetics & beauty lines in the future?  How is the reception there locally in your region (or the greater NE) for vegan cosmetics in general?

People in the New York-New Jersey area are very knowledgeable of and interested in vegan cosmetics and beauty products. It’s a market that has been relatively untapped in the past, and we foresee an increase in its growth. In general in our region, the awareness of vegan friendly beauty products is steadily increasing among individuals of all generations — not just young people. It’s fantastic to see!

What are some of your favorite vegan restaurants, cafes, shops (or any other businesses) in your city & region? 

Candle 79 on the Upper East Side in New York is an absolutely terrific vegan and organic restaurant. They typically use local produce, which helps support local farms and the local economy. Their menu is of course entirely vegetarian, and they offer some really delicious selections!


Eliana with Harvey Prince ‘Hello’ perfume

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Angela sudsing up with Harvey Prince ‘Hello’ travel set Shampoo & Conditioner

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Eliana using  Harvey Prince ‘Hello’ Body Cream


Harvey Prince ‘Hello’ Exfoliating Shower Gel

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