Food Photography beginnings at Greens & Vines

A little over two years ago I went to Greens & Vines Raw Vegan Restaurant (Licious Dishes) Honolulu, Hawaii​ for the first time to have lunch as well as meet Chef & Owner Sylvia Thompson​ for an interview & portrait series I was doing. I ordered their popular ‘Living Lasagna’ (‘ricotta’ made from macadamia nuts- oh my!!!!) & as I dug in (soon craving seconds) got to chatting with Sylvia. It wasn’t long before we decided to collaborate & I proceeded to spend some weeks photographing all the dishes on the Greens & Vines menu (not all pictured here).

This experience was also my introduction to raw vegan food- gourmet to boot! I not only was consistently in awe of how incredible the food tasted but also how unique & surprising the preparation was. I found myself craving the dishes- the supreme tang of freshness, the creamy textures, the crunchy bites & also, honestly, how simply great I felt after eating a meal.

This was also my concentrated introduction to food photography. I could not have asked for a better starting point. Guten Appetit! Bon Appétit! Let’s eat!

Menu Photography at Greens & VInes Raw Vegan Gourmet
Menu Photography at Greens & VInes Raw Vegan Gourmet

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