Sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do at all with fancy equipment or editing or anything but the simplicity, emotion & beauty of that moment. Even as a photographer, sometimes your favourite photos have nothing to do with great camera equipment, special light conditions or post processing.  They areContinue Reading is a family run cloth diaper business based in the Stockholm region.  As part of my ‘return to cloth‘ I reached out to to collaborate on some photos as well as gain some insight on the cloth diapering culture here in Sweden.  I soon found that the parentContinue Reading

This past summer, I saw a post on social media by a friend illustrating the amount of waste that using disposables over one year creates (as well as the annual cost) as compared to the smaller (less expensive overall) pile of cloth diapers.  This immediately brought back wonderful memories ofContinue Reading

A few moments from a sweet family weekend in Malmö for my birthday. My husband behind the camera does a fantastic job of capturing candid, very real moments! Here, my eldest was feeling very oppositional to my request for a photo.   I’m too busy for that mom! Sweet littleContinue Reading

My daughter in my arms as photographed by my husband.   I began communicating with Amningskurs för blivande föräldrar as part of my mission to get involved with breastfeeding advocacy in whatever way I could including providing media of our own experience. View this post on Instagram Här är kurserna somContinue Reading

When I was pregnant with my son in 2013 I recall getting turned on to the benefits of cloth diapering by the wonderful gals who owned a baby goods shop, cafe & new parent resource center in Manoa Valley, Oahu where we lived at the time. I remember being soContinue Reading