It feels wonderful to be living back in Sweden’s capital region, in part because of the endless rich beauty of the area, to include of course Stockholm city herself.  I don’t think I could tire of photographing her beauty, waterways & excellently maintained built environment.  The city has a lot of visualContinue Reading

I am very happy to share that we are now in Sweden and based in the Stockholm region! My family and I recently moved to a town in the woods by the sea and are spending March 2017 settling in and getting organized. This includes getting Annika Lundkvist Photography established andContinue Reading

My mind is always alert to the role of location in a storyboard or shoot. A veritable mandala of forces combine to impress upon one’s mind the energy of a place: the aesthetics, the weather, the moods & character of the community, the genius loci.  It may often be aContinue Reading