I recently visited the Fairmont D.C. to experience their vegan cuisine options.  I was first introduced to the Fairmont brand in Spring 2015 when I visited their two Hawai’i properties (as documented in my article on the experience here).  There’s a great deal of talent in the Fairmont kitchens and I always enjoyContinue Reading

I recently visited New Paltz to explore the town’s vegan eats and treats for a story. I knew the area was pretty vegan friendly but was even more impressed when I was on the ground experiencing the options and chatting with folks.  I had been to the area before toContinue Reading

I recently visited Mohonk Mountain House to experience & enjoy the historic landmark resort & beautiful Fall foliage. I was also there to experience vegan offerings from their menu & this dish was an absolute culinary highlight of my stay- the ‘Pan Seared Tofu with Pepper Jelly Glaze & Edamame Potato Mash’.

Regularly recognized as one of the most vegan friendly cities on the planet, NYC has a wealth of plant based restaurants and cafes, many with long standing presence and tradition of serving delicious vegan cuisine on the island and many fairly fresh to the enthusiastic and growing vegan culinary scene.Continue Reading

A visit to Brooklyn one morning last week for breakfast at Champs Diner, a couple doughnuts at Dun-Well Doughnuts & a visit to Vaute HQ for some photos & to buy a coat. So much more I would like to see (and taste) but that was a nice start!

Recently back home after a wonderful birthday trip to NYC with my family with a good deal of delicious food & wonderful views from our hotel on Central Park.  I snapped these at The Roof Bar (top floor of The Viceroy) last week.