Fairmont D.C.

I recently visited the Fairmont D.C. to experience their vegan cuisine options.  I was first introduced to the Fairmont brand in Spring 2015 when I visited their two Hawai’i properties (as documented in my article on the experience here).  There’s a great deal of talent in the Fairmont kitchens and I always enjoy trying out their plant based specific dishes as well as of course enjoying their gorgeous, relaxing rooms, hotel amenities and gracious staff. I not only enjoy experiencing this brand with my husband and son while we travel but genuinely appreciate the freshness and care they put into their vegan specific menu.  For more on the food please see my post at my other site Vegan For All Seasons.




At every turn in our stay at the Fairmont D.C. we experienced excellent service.  I also loved chatting with everyone I came across to find out what part of the world they are from.  Like D.C. itself, the team at Fairmont D.C. is extraordinarily diverse & international which only enhanced my experience & enjoyment of the property.


Lunch at Juniper Restaurant


Interior at Juniper Restaurant

 Until next time Fairmont!

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