Filming Food Photography

Last month we filmed with one of our favorite tv shows that we had been cast in.  For one of the segments, the production crew and I visited Hermans vegetarian cafe in Stockholm where we filmed a segment of me doing a bit of food photography.  The cameraman filmed me as I snapped some shots- a few results below and more on the show when the episode airs!



2017-08-23 03.06.10

2017-08-23 02.48.21

2017-08-23 02.53.07_E

2017-08-23 02.57.29

2017-08-23 03.07.08

Some images taken at Hermans a week later, on a cozy rainy afternoon when I had their lunch buffet for the first time.

2017-08-30 23.11.41

2017-08-30 23.11.56

2017-08-30 23.20.00

*Note: this was a staged photosession for the purpose of tv production.


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