Seasonal: Summer 2014

Welcome to my new space!

For many months now I have been preparing to set up a new business website. I have maintained a personal blog for almost 5 years now & established my first photography business website three summers ago. As I brainstormed over the past several months, the idea to unite both of those into one central site was very tempting.  It was in fact my blog that led to my first job & wouldn’t it be more efficient to have both entities under one domain?

What ended up trumping the practical lure of consolidation & efficiency was the thought of a completely new entity.  Not just a new website but also a new business name.

I have enjoyed working under Nomad Dakini Design since 2011 & will maintain Nomad Dakini as part of my online presence, such as at my FB page & Instagram account. It was a simple decision, however, to transition to Annika Lundkvist Photography as a business name 7 to begin to scratch out my new website by referring to content produced over the past few years.

 On a more personal note, this is my third time around living in Hawai’i. There is a filter of nostalgia, from memories of years path, as well as a filter of newness, here now with a husband & son & much changed myself. The awareness of this first year of motherhood, the first year of my child’s life, being spent here in Hawai’i as one of the most important experiences of my life is ever present.

Life now as a mama to an active young one means that I spend very little time at my desktop & the rest in motion with him.  I value having a site that works swimmingly across devices as well as to be able to modify & upload content while on the go.

Learning to maintain a creative flow with my work, projects & sites while out & about has been a great experience, one that I am adjusting to, I anticipate, for many years to come

But on the immediate horizon, pools, ocean & island exploration beckon, as do relaxed evenings at home with my baby boy & husband…